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Benefits Of STEM Education



What is STEM? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

What is STEM EDUCATION? STEM education is the learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics basics.

How we are Involved? At Young Engineers we teach children STEM basics using LEGO bricks, to make the discipline that most kids usually tend to shy away from (because  they are perceived to be difficult) more fun.

 We believe in teaching kids about STEM at an early age because it is during this stage that they are most curious about their surroundings.

As Carson Ryan the CEO of TreeHill, a tech skills education platform said “By creating a fun, hands-on, educational technology experience at an early age, it’s easier to spur curiosity among young minds.

STEM is widely popular in the United States but not in Africa, as a franchisee teaching the discipline we hope to be at the forefront of popularizing STEM studies in the country.

What are the benefits of STEM?


Fosters Innovation

Every parent takes pride in a gifted child, be it in music, painting, martial arts etc. STEM education offers a platform to transform a new idea into an invention that might end up being a ground breaking innovation in the world of science.

Your child’s knack for knocking metal into shape and using old batteries to create a potato charger if encouraged and with the right education could in future, be one of the leading discoveries in the world.

Fosters Creativity

STEM just like it is a science it is also an art in the form of drawing. Architecture and engineering are sciences but designing buildings and bridges is an art.

This can be realized through your child’s playtime with LEGO bricks when he builds different structures. He can slowly develop an interest in designing buildings, air-crafts and roads.

Helps you to make a difference in the society

Scientific innovations are all a contributions towards a creating a better society. Everyone likes to be remembered for something, especially something that makes a positive impact on the human race. For example, Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin as an antibiotic has helped to cure many diseases.


A Young Engineers lesson in Middlesex UK

Helps to prepare kids for high school and college

In Kenyan high schools, students must do at least one science related subject that is also included in the national examination.

Enrolling kids for STEM education at a young age helps them discover which subject they are already good at and helps them choose their subjects correctly in future.


Discover High Paying careers in STEM

STEM related careers offer good salaries, engineers, architectures, creative designer, accountant and scientist to name a few. Pursuing a career your passionate about also increases your productivity.

Prepares your child for the future

Our children’s future will be built on their capacity for innovation, invention and creative problem-solving.

Technology is continuously expanding in leaps and bounds.  Apple has already launched their iPhone7 series with air pods. In their generation, desktops will be considered a thing of the past. Taking STEM lessons today helps them build their tomorrow.


Makes them more knowledgeable

Science is everywhere; technology takes up almost every aspect of our lives. Paying school fees via mobile transaction is technology; a toy car that needs batteries to work is science. Even flying a kite is science!

Our children’s understanding of how science and technology works in their lives at a young age makes them smarter. It increase their science literacy and critical-thinking skills.

We all love little geniuses.  Help your child build his future today by enrolling him for STEM lessons at Young Engineers.

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