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Benefits Of STEM Education

    What is STEM? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics What is STEM EDUCATION? STEM education is the learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics basics. How we are Involved? At Young Engineers we teach children STEM basics using LEGO bricks, to make the discipline that most kids usually tend to shy away from (because  they are perceived to be …

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STEM Magic At Marion Group Of Schools

  Last week on Friday, we had a STEM-tastic afternoon with 200 pupils and teachers of Marion Preparatory School. We visited the school to create awareness about STEM education and to do a demonstration on how the discipline can be taught using LEGO bricks. STEM refers to Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, a discipline that boosts innovation and creativity in children and has …

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LEGO Challenge

A short clip from the Railroad Barrier / Ships Barrier LEGO bricks model lesson. The lesson is a part of Young Engineers’ edutainment curriculum – The LEGO Challenge. Enjoy.

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LEGO models

This is a short Video clip about some of our LEGO bricks models, which have been designed by Young Engineers for our community in the enrichment Lego programs.

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