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K’nex Enrichment Program for preschool

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Build Your Tomorrow. Today.

 – e² Young Engineers –

Big Builders

 This unique Big Builders enrichment program for preschool develops children’s tactile, motor, and spatial skills while teaching science and engineering principles using K’nex®. These programs are conducted in small group settings to ensure that each engineer gains the intended knowledge and experience.

Average lesson duration: 45 minutes

Suitable for ages: 4 – 6 years (Pre-school)

Program Subjects Include

  • Physics Principles: Basic principles such as balance and buoyancy
  • Animal Kingdom: Various animals – domestic and wild
  • Biology: Natural pest control, pollination and symbiosis
  • The Universe: Space, Earth and the Solar System
  • Geometry: Characteristics of basic geometric shapes
  • Transportation and Traffic Safety: Understanding different types of vehicles including motorcycles, trucks, cars and boats.
e² Young Engineers believes that children best absorb the subjects taught in each lesson through play, utilizing unique K’NEX® models designed by our staff.
Big Builders Values

  • Develops motor skills
  • Develops social interaction skills
  • Develops self-expression ability
  • Encourages creative thinking at the “Improvements and Inventions” stage
  • Expands horizons and provides broad knowledge on wildlife, transportation, space as well as natural phenomena and basic physics laws

In addition to those skills, the program’s instructors will strengthen the participants’ self-confidence and their social belonging skills.

Build and Investigate

  • Models of basic geometric shapes
  • Amusement park rides
  • Various vehicles
  • Various animals
  • Solar system structure